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SmartCS 功能

Console aggregation: secures the last lifeline “console access”

Console ports (serial ports for the control of network equipment) are critical ports. They are designed to input the operational commands and to output messages including those about equipment failures and errors. Thus, it is a "lifeline" that ensures secure access under any circumstances between console ports and components of network equipment that are part of very critical IT systems.

The console server SmartCS aggregates all these console ports and enables the IT administrator to control the network equipment securely and remotely.
Building an independent "manageable network" makes it possible to access consoles to operate/monitor the equipment via SmartCS, even if the main network fails.

According to your network policy and the operational method, there are two ways to access the target monitoring device: “Direct mode” and “Select mode”. “Direct mode” provides direct access to the designated TCP port of each serial port. Users are also able to choose “Select mode” to select the device and make a connection with the menu format by accessing SmartCS.

  • Direct mode
    Allocate TCP port to each serial port in advance and access the TCP port directly accordingly
  • Select mode
    Select the equipment to access from the displayed menu after accessing the designated port of the console server

Direct mode & Select mode

Logging function: Securely collect, save and transfer the console log for a range of analysis purposes

Not only under normal operating conditions but also when the system was started up, the process was stopped or network problems occurred, various types of important messages can be output to the console port. The SmartCS can automatically save and output these messages using a range of methods including FTP, TFTP, NFS, syslog and e-mail.

Also, using the logs sent between operators and monitoring network equipment, IP administrators can audit IT network equipment operations for security management purposes.

Enhanced security: prevents unauthorized access by encryption and access restrictions

SmartCS makes it possible to more safely secure console access by controlling access and encrypting communications.
IT administrators can configure access privileges for users and user groups for each port. For large scale user environments, SmartCS supports the RADIUS/TACACS external authentication.

To prevent communications from being intercepted, SmartCS supports SSHv2 and SFTP for console access.

Security Enhancement

Operation assistance

Port mirroring

Port mirroring is a unique function of SmartCS.
With this function, IT specialists in central operation centers can monitor, check and edit the operation command input carried out by operators in remote locations.

Port mirroring

Configuration backup

Configuration file can be stored in enclosed USB memory.
Simply by inserting the USB memory and booting, the configuration of SmartCS will be restored. This also reduces time and risk during maintenance, in particular the risks involved in making mistakes when reconfiguring.

Monitoring DSR signal

SmartCS can detect DSR ON/OFF signals from serial ports and sends the trap to an external SNMP server. This can be useful when checking the status of monitoring equipment.

Other functions

Higher availability

The NS-2250 series has dual AC power supply units and dual LAN interfaces.
It is available to access to NS-2250 even if an AC power source or network within the system fails.

AC dual power supply units and dual LAN interfaces

Reliable long-term stable operation

The console server is the key element of this "Lifeline" management network.
SmartCS has been highly evaluated for its high quality and very low hardware failure record over 30 years.

By creating a power-saving design that minimizes generated heat, our new product has been improved so that it now does not contain a fan. This helps ensure stable operation since there are no moving mechanical parts.


An unauthorized break will never be sent to serial ports no matter whether the power is turned on/off or if the system is rebooted.


Access gateway SmartGS: integrated management of controlled equipment

SmartGS is an access gateway server that provides integrated management of Telnet/SSH hosts, including console servers. Unified management is available as well as recording of access logs and operations at the time of Telnet/SSH connection to network equipment or servers, including console servers.

Access gateway SmartGS